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Initial Nibble: Kansas Town Restaurant

Let me just start by saying that I’m not crazy about the ...

Boulevard Beer Dinner Party

We here at Feed Me KC love a good dinner party. Over ...

The Inebriationist’s White Russian

Our cocktail dude, The Inebriationist, is here with a recipe for The ...


The Rehabilitationist: 6 Tips for a Healthier Holidays

Here at the feed me kc corporate headquarters (see photo below), we have been eating, drinking, and being oh so merry this holiday season. But now we’re thinking that maybe we’d like to start 2014 from someplace other than rock bottom. Right now we’re just thinking about it, but this week the Rehabilitationist makes a […]

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Beer Friday: The Zymurgist Ponders a Smoked Wheat Ale

If beer styles were created based solely on local agriculture, cuisine, and water quality, Kansas City’s indigenous beer would most likely be a Smoked Wheat Ale, says the Zymurgist, Dan Ryan. Many of the great beer styles of today came about because of specific local conditions and ingredients. The Czech town of Pilsen had soft […]

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The Inebriationist: Meet Martinez

This week, The Inebriationist — Hawthorne & Julep‘s Beau Williams — climbs the cocktail family tree. by Beau Williams, Hawthorne & Julep You’re probably familiar with the Martini and Manhattan, but do you know their bolder, slightly crazier cousin, the Martinez? Now I call this winter warmer a cousin cocktail, but it’s likely that the Martinez is […]

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The Rehabilitationist: Sip This, Spit That

This week the Rehabilitationist brings forth some timely advice for not drinking yourself fat(ter) this holiday season. by ERIN HEIDE, EH Fitness With the holidays in full swing, we often find ourselves surrounded by not only tasty food choices but fun drink options. It’s a fantastic time of year, right? But all the eggnog and […]

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The Inebriationist: A Hot, Hot Toddy

This week, The Inebriationist — Hawthorne & Julep‘s Beau Williams — cures what ails you with a warm whiskey cocktail. (But this is totally not medical advice.) by Beau Williams, Hawthorne & Julep Cold and flu season is here. And while a doctor might tell you there’s no cure, your local bartender may disagree. Okay, okay. I […]

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A Homemade Coffee Liqueur Recipe

In case you haven’t noticed, we like booze here at feed me kc. Most of the time, we leave everything but the drinking of booze up to the pros. But around the holidays, we get a little crafty. Last year, Jeff made homemade limoncello. This year, I decided to whip up a big batch of […]

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Peanches Runs Out of Customers to Ban, Closes

After a long-fought battle with just about every past and potential patron in and outside of Kansas City, restauranteur Ray “Pete” Peterman plans to close the doors on his latest project, Peanches, once and for all — meaning none of you are welcome back this time. Peterman posted yesterday on the Peanches Facebook page: Restaurants […]

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The Rehabilitationist: Gobbling Without the Guilt

Before you strap on the ol’ feedbag this Thursday, the Rehabilitationist has a few practical tips for feeling less-terrible at the end of the day. by ERIN HEIDE, EH Fitness Looking forward to Thanksgiving but dreading the bloat, weight gain, and sleepiness afterward? (The average Thanksgiving meal clocks in at 3,000 calories…gasp!) Follow these simple […]

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The Inebriationist Builds a Perfect Picket Fence

This week, The Inebriationist — Hawthorne & Julep‘s Beau Williams — puts a modern twist on an old, and very strong, cocktail. by Beau Williams, Hawthorne & Julep I love rummaging through old bar books in search of forgotten recipes. Sometimes, I find a diamond. Other times, I realize why they were forgotten in the first […]

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The Rehabilitationist: Chili Weather

The cool autumnal weather makes us want to slide into our stretchy pants, grab a bottle of bourbon, and crawl into a big ol’ bowl of greasy chili. But the Rehabilitationist has a better way, offering up hearty and healthy chili and a productive lawn-clearing exercise. by ERIN HEIDE, EH Fitness Food: Hearty, Healthy Chili […]

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