Boulevard Beer Dinner Party


We here at Feed Me KC love a good dinner party. Over drinks a few months ago, we decided we wanted to throw a dinner party celebrating all beers Boulevard and all foods delicious. We put together a menu, invited some friends over and then this happened:


(editor’s note: All of these photos were taken by KC-based photographer Kristen Clayville. You will soon discover as you work your way through these pictures that she does amazing work. She would love to photograph your next wedding, do your next family portrait, or cater to whatever photography needs you may have. Except she won’t do swingers parties, I already asked…for a friend.)


While everybody milled about meeting new friends and sipping their first beer Jeff and I put out some “bar food” bites. Jeff made “fish and chips”, a smoky trout dip placed atop a crispy chip garnished with capers and chives.


And I created “corned” dogs because we love ironic quotation marks. Seriously. Braised corned beef hunks that I battered in Pale Ale batter and deep fried. Served with some Pale Ale mustard. Better than “real” corn dogs.


Charred pork terrine: Cured pork wrapped around ground pork, stuffed with grilled pork. This was the centerpiece of the salad course. Served with some homemade pickles, beer-brined onions, grilled Farm to Market bread, a little arugula and copious amounts of Tank 7.


My personal favorite dish of the night was cooked by Jeff: a sous-vide shrimp topped with pickled cucumber and onion, surrounded by mushrooms. Then a green curry broth was added table side. The smell of the curry when it filled the bowl was sensory overload in the greatest way possible. Not surprisingly, the Asian flavors went great with the Reboot white IPA, a beer fermented with lemongrass.


The entree was a beef short rib that literally melted in your mouth. The short ribs braised in DoubleWide IPA, but they started getting infused with beer much earlier – they came from cattle raised on Boulevard’s spent grains by the wonderful people at Bichelmeyer meats.


The cheese course (or as I like to call it, pressert). Toasted cinnamon beer bread, stinky french cheese, bourbon-soaked raisin and asian pear chutney. The cheese was either really good or somebody got really comfortable and took off their shoes.


If people weren’t full yet (they were) we wanted to make sure we got them there with dessert. We served chocolate flourless cake, whipped cream, and some berries that had been soaked in Heering cherry liqueur and Sixth Glass Quadrupel. And if people weren’t drunk yet (they were) we made sure they were buzzed by the end of dessert by pulling some bottles of this year’s Bourbon Barrel Quad out of the fridge to accompany the dish.


All in all it was a successful evening. It was a killer night that ended with a happy group of drunk, full folks, exactly how a dinner party is supposed to end.



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  1. Slim Pickins
    January 7, 2014 at 8:43 pm #

    Thems was good eatin’. I could have fornicated with the short rib…but couldn’t we all? Thanks for hosting a great event

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