Peanches Runs Out of Customers to Ban, Closes

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After a long-fought battle with just about every past and potential patron in and outside of Kansas City, restauranteur Ray “Pete” Peterman plans to close the doors on his latest project, Peanches, once and for all — meaning none of you are welcome back this time.

Peterman posted yesterday on the Peanches Facebook page:

Restaurants die long painful deaths. I worked with a great chef about 20 years ago that had two great restaurants in Denver and he told me I was crazy for wanting to open one of my own. He warned me it would make me miserable and turn me into a drunk like it has many good chefs (not all chefs). I should have listened to him (at least after my first one). I had a dream and I tried, I’m glad. Failure is a hard pill to swallow. We have always been a tad bit different, just wanted to do it our or at least my way. We have met a lot of great people and we thank you all for your support and taking the time to touch our lives! More than likely I will be pulling the plug in a week or so. No set date yet. Once again thanks everyone for touching our lives you made it a dream come true. ”Life is all a dream, but to live your dreams is truly life”

Since we were never allowed to try the food, we can’t really vouch for it, but we heard the “Missoura” fare was good, and sometimes great. Still, we totally saw this coming. Totally.

Good luck on your next venture, Pete. We look forward to being banned from that, too.



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One Response to “Peanches Runs Out of Customers to Ban, Closes”

  1. December 6, 2013 at 4:16 pm #

    Let me say, first, thank you.

    Discovering and reading the vitriolic, witty and hectic back and forth between Mr. Peterman and Ms. Farris has been a delightful hour of hilarity.

    An update (via FB)…Mr. Peterman is threatening to stay open!

    Below, the post from a few days ago.

    December 4

    Great group tonight! 20 more night likes this we might not have to close!

    For good or evil, the saga continues…

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