Put it in My Mouth: Frida’s Pork Tacos

Fact: the pork tacos, or Tacos De Cochinita, at Frida’s have magic sauce in them. This “magic sauce” is actually the sauce they’re roasted in — a combination of achiote, sweet and sour orange juice, and red onions — but for the purposes of this post, we’ll just continue to call it magic sauce.

This magic sauce is so powerful that two weeks ago, when I was volunteer bartending at Jazzoo, I managed to escape my bar four times to put a pork taco in my mouth. It’s so powerful that last week, when Frida’s opened its new location at 7200 West 121st Street in Overland Park, Jeff and I went for lunch and very seriously considered ordering a second round of pork tacos for dessert. We practiced restraint, and just went back the next day for even more pork tacos. It’s so powerful that I’ve been calling the poor owner of Frida’s nearly every day to ask when the planned Frida’s taqueria is going to open on 119th. (Sometime next month is the most recent answer.)

The magic sauce on Frida’s pork tacos calls my name. And to Frida’s I say, PUT IT IN MY MOUTH!”

Tacos De Cochinita at Frida’s Contemporary Mexican Cuisine – New Location
7200 West 121st Street (near the Costo at 119th Street in Overland Park)
Lunch serving is 3 tacos for $9, dinner is 5 tacos for $15

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