On Stalking and Small Plates

Here’s a tip: If you’ve ever considered stalking me, you have a really good chance of finding me at the Thai Place in Westport on a Monday night.

That’s when the Thai place (so cleverly named for what we would have called it in the early 90s, anyway) serves up a menu of about 10 to 15 moderately priced ($3-$9), street-food-style small plates. Each week the dishes on the Native New Mondays menu change a little, but there’s always some variation of the restaurant’s popular Pad Thai, and often you can find either basil or habanero wings.

Last Monday, the Pad Thai was very close to the restaurant’s original, but the noodles were super thin. The featured fried bird parts were habanero wings served over cabbage.

Here’s another tip: Thai Place’s garnishes often make good little salads, especially when dressed with the peanut sauce that comes with the spring rolls.

Yes, I only managed to photograph two dishes on Monday, but lest you think we’re getting weak, between the two of us, Kyle and I put down six mini meals — including the spring rolls, thank you very much.

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