The Bell Street Bomb is the Bomb. Literally.

(Note: I tried to post this awhile ago, but every time I go buy one of these sandwiches it somehow finds its ways into my mouth before I have time to take a usable picture. Finally I waited long enough to get an actual picture.)

Emily talked sandwiches in the radio a few Fridays ago. To prepare, we drove out to Independence and had a romantic Thursday night dinner date at a restaurant designed by the love  child of Ernest Hemmingway and Jacques Cousteau. While nibbling on soft shell crab and crawfish tails deep-fried in funnel cake batter we discussed all of the best sandwiches in the city.

Although the statement sounds a little oxymoronic, I have a lot of favorite sandwiches in this city. We have the best barbecue restaurants in the world (not exaggeration) with great BBQ sandwiches, respectable bakeries that either make sandwiches or deliver bread to restaurants or both, pork tenderloins, ruebens, BLTs, etc. But after the conversation one sandwich stuck in my mind. I hadn’t had it in a while and after I started thinking about it I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I feel like it holds the award for exemplifying the word “sandwich” in Kansas City.

The sandwich is the Bell Street Bomb at D’Bronx at 39th and Bell (and there’s another on Johnson Drive just off 635/Metcalf). I always ask them to toast it and it is always amazing. D’Bronx starts with a sub roll baked locally. Below the bread is melted herbed cream cheese and a vinaigrette oozing (remember to order it toasted) all over layers of melted provolone, roast beef, turkey, and salami with lettuce and tomato tucked in there somewhere as well.

As much as people want to manipulate the sandwich, this is the perfect version of the stereotypical sandwich. It is straightforward and delicious. The vinaigrette adds a nice touch and cuts into the saltiness of the meat. The whole thing is a perfect ode to all that a sandwich should be.

As I sit here with herbed cream cheese all over the sandwich, my hands, and now my camera, the photo shoot must end — I must return to my sandwich and put it in my mouth.

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  1. Patrick
    January 28, 2013 at 9:33 am #

    I would have to say that if we are talking sandwiches outside the barbecue realm then my pick would be the Philly at Clay’s Curbside Grill off of 9 HWY and Armour Road. Be sure to get it with Whiz and Horseradish. They also have the best dogs in town.

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