Better Than Birthday Cake: SPIN! Pizza’s #19

Is it any surprise that my birthday lunch was SPIN! Pizza‘s #19? If it is, you clearly have not been paying enough attention to this site lately.

Anyway, yesterday, on the 30th anniversary of my birth, my wonderful friend, Kristina (PLUG: who recently got her PhD in biology and is looking for a job that’s somehow related to nutrition), picked me up from work, and we headed to SPIN!’s Overland Park location for some cheesy goodness.

This pizza, the #19 — otherwise known as Cipolla e Chevre, otherwise known as the thing I love to PUT IN MY MOUTH over and over again — is my favorite pizza of all the pizzas in the land because it’s topped with roasted, caramelized onions; goat cheese and an onion-fig marmalade.

Kristina and I split the full-size, 12-inch pie with gluten-free crust. She even let me eat all of the big pieces, since it was my birthday, and even when it’s not my birthday, I’m a little piggy like that. Plus, we all know I can easily put down all 12 inches by myself.

Bonus: This meal helped me get one step closer to my 30th birthday goal of total goat cheese domination. More on that later.

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