Frogmore Stew…Salad?

For supper club this month the theme was indigenous Southern cuisine and I was in charge of the salad. In my dish I included spinach, carrots, onions, celery, and herbs, but what I came up with didn’t really look like a salad.

Inspiration came from a dish called Frogmore stew, a version of low-country shrimp boil that people in the South, I’ve been told, often call “shrimp boil,” but I’m classy so I call it Frogmore stew. The original dish is nothing more than a pot of boiling water and beer in which you slowly build a meal by slowly adding Old Bay and potatoes, then corn, then sausage, and then shrimp. There are lots of varieties, but that’s the one I’m familiar with. I decided to take the elements apart and try to recreate the flavors and feelings that accompany Frogmore stew and serve them cold.

My “salad” revolved around an Andouille terrine I made. The terrine was chock full of emulsified meats, diced Andouille, diced ham, and wrapped in a prosciutto blanket that I created. There was also internal garnish of spinach, carrots, and onions.

Next to the terrine sat 2 brined, broiled, chilled shrimp, a homemade remoulade, and a dollop of sweet corn ice cream. (Yeah, I served ice cream during the salad course, what of it?) The terrine was exquisite in all its meaty glory. The shrimp tasted great and to add a little touch of authenticity we threw down some newspaper on the table for people to discard their shells. The corn ice cream was buttery and corny in all the ways it was supposed to be and its sweet creaminess mellowed out the spicy creaminess of the remoulade. The plate did all of the wonderful things I wanted it to – and the moans from the other members of supper club told me they enjoyed it as well.

Last month’s theme was vegan – this month my salad had 7 meat elements. That’s what happens when I get put in charge of the salad course.

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