Mixxing it Up at The Mixx

As a rule, I boycott businesses that misspell words in a misguided attempt to be clever or cute or whatever. But for The Mixx, I make an exxception. To me, that exxtra X just emphasizes how well the salads are mixxed.

As another rule, I always, always get the Garden of Eden salad (Granny Smith apples, candied pecans, gorgonzola and wild field greens tossed with champagne-honey vinaigrette) with chicken when I go to The Mixx. And when I say “always,” I mean I go to The Mixx a lot. Last spring, I was the mayor of The Mixx’s Plaza location for at least a month, if not two or three. And on several occasions, I’ve very seriously considered joining Woodside Health & Tennis Club — not to wear $400 sport bras while I show off my boob job and not break a sweat while pretending to exercise, but to have a Mixx kiosk a mere two blocks from my home (albeit over the county line).

I once tried to mixx it up and ordered the Antiox[x]idant Salad (kale, arugula, quinoa, fennel, radish and parmesan cheese tossed with lemon-mint vinaigrette). At the time, it was a special item on the menu, and a mistake on my part. I ended up mixxing half of it with whatever was in my trash can. It just tasted too… healthy. Still, I love everything else I’ve ever tried at The Mixx: The Thai Salmon salad and various soups and sandwiches. But that special Antiox[x]idant Salad, now a permanent menu item, made me vow to never mixx up my salad choices there again. Until now.

On one of his two Mixx runs for me last week, Kyle picked up the current special salad for himself. It was the Gado Gado  (shredded cabbage, iceberg, arugula, crispy noodles, carrots, pineapple, cilantro, scallions, sugar snap peas, black sesame seeds, and chopped peanuts tossed with Asian sesame-peanut vinaigrette). I tried it, and it was good. Really good. So, tonight I decided to attempt mixxing it up once again and ordered it for myself. I even mixxed it up a little more and substituted the crispy noodles and pineapple for edamame and wasabi peas.

You can just call me Lady Mixx-a-Lot from now on.

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