Are You Hungry? We Are.

We’re from Kansas City, and we want more than barbeque (though we want that, too).

We want burgers from Good You and apple fritters from John’s Space Age. We want deviled eggs from Westside Local and pork everything from The Rieger. We want to sip Scotch at Harry’s in Westport, down bourbon at Harry’s in the City Market, and guzzle Boulevard everywhere its served. The next morning, we want to recover with coffee from Oddly Correct.

We want to meet the people behind the food, drinks, and experiences we crave. And we want to cook—with ingredients from Shatto, Farm to Market, Green Dirt Farm, Bad Seed, and the Mexican Price Chopper on Roe.

And, of course, we want to share it with you, which is the ethos behind feed me kc.

When James Oseland, editor of Saveur magazine, said that Kansas City is “going to have its moment in 2012,” we thought, “This shit’s about to get real.” It was the impetus for us to do what we’d been talking about doing for a long time, and finally get our shit together to participate, in some small way, in KC’s exciting culinary revolution.

We are serious about food and drink, but here we will almost always be irreverent, weird, and at times downright offensive (our podcast is categorized as “explicit” by iTunes). And honest; we will always be honest. For example, when we eat a five-course dinner at Bluestem and then drunkenly inhale an entire McDonald’s meal two hours later, we’ll let you know which we enjoyed more (probably Bluestem, but it depends on how drunk we were). We shall share our shame.

Despite what you may glean from this post, we will eschew verbosity (but not words like “eschew” and “verbosity”). In fact, this seems like the perfect time to eschew and leave you to explore for yourself. We welcome your comments and suggestions and hope you will like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Oh, and if you’re wondering who “we” are, you can find us here.

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